What is the Role of the Artist in Society ?

Artists have that unique ability to engage individuals in a very deep and personal way. Art can help us understand our humanity and the historical conditions we live in, but importantly draw us into thinking whether our reality needs to be changed. 


The Arts, as a catalyst of change, can be used as a medium of confronting personal, social or political issues through criticism of the world as it is and a vision of the world as it might be.


However an Artist does not always have to reflect criticism or a futuristic world vision to assume a successful role in a society, but create for their own pleasure or experiment and play with their own imaginations and creativity, for sometimes, something as reflective and beautiful as an ambiguous, mystic smile can produce timeless Art as - The Mona Lisa, which has inspired other forms of Art and serves to remind us of our beauty, fragility, strength and dreams.



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Its great when an Artist can engage the society through participation. When a society lacks involvement in Arts it begins to decline. The unique ability of an Artist to invoke an emotional reaction through their work of Arts, when combined with a positive message for personal or social change is a powerful catalyst for building good creative societies. Besides, Has there ever been a prosperous society that did not have vibrant arts and culture ?

Here's a good discussion thread on this topic, by the National Endowment for the Arts, USA

Different perspectives, but yet highlight the need for a better dialogue to exist between a community and the Artist for achieving a more prosperous society.







Being an artist myself, I agree with Rodolfo Morais because we as artist help create and set balance to the world we live in. For example, Fashion, Music,Graffitti, and art period is best expressed and tell stories by design. Every artist have their own creative way of style no matter their culture. Some artwork are seen as being negative to some people but at the same time other like the certain artwork because it describes their and others individuality as a person or people. Another example of that is tattooing, tattooing has change this world we live in came from a culture to becoming a business worldwide symbolizing peoples culture, religion, and beliefs upon what artwork we as people put on our bodies which describes us independently. I have a cross with an opened bible on my arm and in it says Property of Jesus Christ.  I always wanted tattoes but I didnt just want any illistration my arm that others had and didnt go with my values as a person so I drew my own tattoo illustration and paid to have one put on my arm. Soon I will had other illustrations I done on other parts of my arm as well.
Great perspectives !! The Gift of an Artist and the Power of the Collective (Society & Artists) are equally important for creating a Vibrant and Prosperous community.  The Creativity of an Artist can only be realized when given the freedom for personal expression and support to experiment with their different imaginations. Flipping the question around,  Society does have a important role to play in keeping an open mind and showing respect to the experimentation's of an Artist, though may not always agree to the Form of Art. It is when this relationship exist between the Artist and the Society, we collectively stand to gain from the Creative role of an Artist in Society.

I agree with Rodolfo. Thank you.

I see the artist role as helping people see other views of life, to stretch a so called "normal" view of life and assist us all to realize there is something more than the status quo. To push boundaries, ask questions and create beauty, make a statement, or shines light on a horror. To stretches imaginations, move someone to think about our humanity and question our true potential.

An artist is so important in a society! However if our viewers don't understand the meaning of an artwork, there is no message at all. One one side there is the Artist with his own ideas, with his ways of thinking the things of society, his eyes are alsways wide open to the exterior and his soul is also ready to tell his inner reality. This makes a Society richer and richer every day an artist shows his/her points of vue. But we have to educate our viewers. Those of us who direct their works to a more abstract way of showing their world, should send a message ,a written one together with his/her work. Messages can change the way of seeing a reality. I speak for myself. It's not rare to see people entering a gallery and leaving it immediatelly- Why is that? No doubt, they didn't understand the message or they don't care. There has to be an  education on beauty, otherwise we would lose the aim of our artworks. I think we should answer first to this question: What is Beauty? Isaura

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