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The ARTS and CREATIVE thinking are the essential elements of building a vibrant, environmentally sustainable and progressively evolving city. However the work of Artists must be recognized, supported, unified and given the opportunity to constantly improve and evolve.


In a world that is rapidly changing, Our lives are becoming more complex and fragmented. As Artists we sometimes find ourselves working independently yet having a strong urge to connect with others to learn, collaborate and diversify.


Arts foster creativity, goodness and beauty. It inspires and helps us express our values, build bridges between cultures bringing us together regardless of ethnicity, religion or age.


Our Creative City project will strife to unify Artistic talents, so we can create new forms of Art, and through the Arts build vibrant communities around the world, each anchored in its own cultural traditions, but yet learning from the diversity of the other.


We believe that Art is a prophecy of the future. It is Art and Creative Ideas, we bring to life today, that will shape our future.

Our members are an extremely diverse group of artists,  art studios/galleries, scholars, students, philanthropists,  art enthusiasts and more. We encourage anyone who believes in the power of THE ARTS and CREATIVE IDEAS to change our Cities, to come join us.


As a member of our Creative Community, You will
  • Have an ability to showcase your artistic talent and be rewarded through our Special rewards program and local Event promotions.
  • Collaborate with other members on ideas and artistic projects.
  • Participate by expressing your thoughts on community development projects, environmental and social issues and find solutions through the power of The ARTS.
  • Shape our communities through  exchange of creative ideas

Sustainability and Creativity are closely linked to the process of learning and sharing ideas that is an open-ended process, constantly seeking better solutions.


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