"Artes Por Todos!" An International Arts Event to Benefit Partners of the Americas

The Arts really are for everyone! That is why I am organizing this special arts event featuring the work of international artists from across the Americas. Something for every taste and style. And, somethiing for every budget!

This event aims to bring imagination and creativity into peoples' lives while at the same time supporting local and international artists, as well as supporting an organization I have been committeed to for many years. All proceeds from this event will benefit Partners of the Americas.

Partners of the Americas is an international network.  Its mission is to connect individuals, volunteers, institutions, businesses, and communities to serve and to change lives through lasting partnerships. Founded in 1964, Partners is a private non-profit, non-partisan organization with international offices in Washington, DC.  Partners envisions an interconnected hemisphere that maximizes the social and economic potential, and leverages the full diversity, of the Americas.  

At the heart of Partners is the “people-to-people” philosophy that grew out of a 1962 call by President John F. Kennedy for citizens of the Western Hemisphere to work together. Inspired by the challenge, Jim Boren, one of Partners' founders, envisioned a two-way network of volunteer partnerships that would enable everyday people to contribute to the Americas.
"Artes Por Todos" will feature the work of artists from this network across the Americas, including Brazil, Colombia, Bolivia and artists in the US as well. The event will feature a diversity of work in a variety of media, including works on canvas, mixed media, glass and metal work, and more. 
We invite you to join us for this vibrant celebration of the arts. Stay tuned for more details on the time and place of this event happening in early fall in Washington, DC.

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