Baião rhythm influence on American Popular music

Baião, oftentimes referred to as "baion", is a rhythm from the state of Bahia in Northeastern Brazil. Most people credit Luis Gonzaga with popularizing this rhythm.


Luis Gonzaga is often called Rei de Baião


The rhythm is kind of a slow samba rhythm. Its distinctive pattern consists of two long notes separated by one of short duration (i.e. long-short-long).


In the late 1950s Baion had infiltrated popular American music to become the foundation for many rhythm and blues songs. Modified version of the baion beat was also used by US record producers Phil Spector and Burt Bacharach and landed crossover hits for the Drifters ("There Goes My Baby", 1959 and "Up on the Roof", 1962"), Ben E. King ("Spanish Harlem", 1960) , Ronettes ("Be My Baby", 1963) and many of those great Dianne Warwick songs.


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